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Aconbury, 10 June 2012

Eight members and two dogs set off from Little Birch down delightful green lanes with views to south. Turning north on footpaths through fields and woodland, with further views, we arrived at Aconbury to admire the exterior of the ancient church. After a rest and restorative licorice allsorts we moved on up the hill to Aconbury hill fort dating from the 5th century BC. Until the mid 19th century it was open hill and must have been an impressive sight, but now difficult to discern amongst the woodland. Eventually we found the right path to bring us back to base at Little Birch.
A compilation of views of Aconbury and Little Birch.
Bottom left is Little Birch methodist chapel (formerly Primitive Methodist) built 1858. Top right is the former Wesleyan Methodist chapel, now converted into a dwelling.
Top left is the medieval church of St John the Baptist at Aconbury dating from the 13th century. It was originally part of a nunnery. Blocked doorways to the cloisters, and to a first floor dormitory, are visible on the south side. The church is now closed and in process of being sold. Other photos show carvings in the 15th century wooden porch, and highland cattle at Aconbury Court farm, adjacent to the church.
Photos by Carl Davies. 
For more information on the district see, "Little Birch on Aconbury Hill - a history of the parish and its people," Logaston Press, 2006.