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Sunday 14th January eleven members and a dog drove up the Slough valley to Michaelchurch Escley, where we explored the church, guided by Alan Picton and churchwarden Anthony Egremont Lee. Next Alan took us a short walk to Michaelchurch Court, a splendid mansion built over many centuries from medieval to Victorian times, and restored in recent years.  
Selected pictures can be viewed on our Flickr site.
Sunday 11th February – a walk in wintry weather in the area of Newton led by Gill Broadhead. 
Sunday 11th March - Seven members and a dog toured Hereford city centre led by Alan Picton, taking time to view the many historic buildings, including town houses, pubs, bridges and the site of the castle. View pictures on our Flickr site.
Sunday 8th April - Thirteen members and guests, plus our guide Hugo Mason, accompanied by two dogs, visited the unusual "arts and crafts" style church at Brockhampton (by Ross). We admired many of the fine artistic details as well as the blend of traditional design, craftsman techniques and the unusual thatched roof. See the pictures on our Flickr site.
Sunday 13 May -  An expedition on Open Mill Sunday to Mordiford Church & Mill led by Gill Broadhead. 
Sunday 10 June - A very interesting visit to the steaming day at the Hereford Waterworks Museum, led by Alan Picton.
Saturday 16 June - We hosted a walk by the Garway Heritage Group to view the visible artefacts of Rowland Vaughan's waterworks. This was led by Steve Edwards and Peter Gunn-Wilkinson as a follow-up to Steve's talk at Garway on 17th April.
Sunday 9 September - A farm walk at Kentchurch farm walk, Peter Gunn-Wilkinson.