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On 8 September 2013 we drove to Eardisley, parking by the church stopping off to view the amazing carved Norman font. Our walk, based on one published in the Hereford Times, took us westwards, past Eardisley Park to Red Gates.This part was parallel, just to the north, of the former Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway (closed by Beeching in 1962) which in turn replaced a 3' 6" gauge horse drawn plateway from Brecon to Kington. Gill shared with us a library book with drawings of this 200-year old form of transport. Returning up the lane through Wood Eaves, and passing many delightful black & white houses, we stopped off at the venerable great oak before arriving back to Eardisley by the tram inn, commemorating the same tramway. For more pictures, visit our Flickr pages