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The Mission Chapel on Vowchurch Common
by Brian Smith
A neat bungalow (Mount View) encircled by a blaze of flowers stands at the top of Vowchurch Common where the level land drops steeply down to the Golden Valley.  There is nothing to suggest it is in any way unusual, but in fact it represents the site of a former Mission Chapel, opened by the vicar, J O Bevan, in 1893.  It was not recorded in 1913 Kelly‚Äôs Directory of Herefordshire.  Nevertheless, according to local memory it was packed with people on Sundays, though there is no recollection of the services or preachers. Numbers of the congregation seemed to have fallen off in the 1930s and it became disused by 1939.  It became a playground for local children before being turned into a dwelling in the 1950s by dividing it into two rooms.  It was demolished in the 1970s and replaced by a brick bungalow.