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A page of information about past, current and possible future projects

  • The Turnastone project
    A description of the project, how it was tackled, and the final outcome (book completed in 2010). (click here for details)
    • The Rowland Vaughan project

    Rowland Vaughan lived at Newcourt, Bacton, then later at Whitehouse, Vowchurch, at the turn of the 17th century. He published a book in 1610, on new ideas for management of watermeadows, which he implemented in the Golden Valley.  He was an active entrepreneur full of ideas for social and agrarian reform. He also led a turbulent life, involved in many lawsuits and frequently faced financial difficulties.

    • Our book on the project, "The man who drowned the meadows, Rowland Vaughan 1558-1627", was published in 2016. It was presented at the Hay Festival in June 2016 as well as at a number of local venues. If you would like us to talk to your local group, please use the Contact Us page.

    Click here for more information including how to buy the book.