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Royal Oak Trees in Vowchurch by Steve Edwards
We are fortunate in this part of Herefordshire in having so many magnificent oaks, many of them centuries old. The oak by the bridge on the North bank of the River Dore in Vowchurch has a plaque informing us that it was planted in 1935 in commemoration of the silver jubilee of King George V, presumably transplanted, as it is a mature tree. Another plaque on the front of Vowchurch and Turnastone Memorial Hall announces that the adjacent oak was transplanted from Windsor Great Park to celebrate the coronation of King George VI in 1937. And now in 2012, a group of parishioners gathered on 11th March to witness the planting of a new oak in St Bartholomew’s churchyard to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. Rev Bob Murrin officiated, asking for God’s blessing on the tree and offering prayers for the Queen and the royal family. See pictures on the Wye-Dore parishes website: