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Sunday 8 September 2013: A gentle, flat four mile stroll through delightful countryside, paralleling part of the course of the former Brecon to Kington tramway. Leader: Gill Broadhead.
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Sunday 13 October 2013: Planned walk to Breinton Springs was postponed due to inclement weather. Five members and four dogs took a short walk from Vowchurch station.
Friday 18 October 2013: walk in Vowchurch and Turnastone area to highlight Rowland Vaughan's use of water management, as part of h.Energy Week on theme of ‘Water’. Leader: Martin Kibblewhite.
Sunday 10 November 2013: Walk from Peterchurch up Stockley Hill. Leaders: Les and Julia Dargue.
Sunday 12 January 2014: The Inns of Long Lane. Leader: Gill Broadhead. Starting from Peterchurch village 17 people and three dogs viewed the sites and buildings of past and present pubs, cider and beer houses. We were astonished at the number of darts teams fielded. Passing through the curiously dry hamlet of Hinton we ascended Long Lane to identify the various ale houses (all now converted into residences) - noting their probable role in refreshing drovers bringing their stock down to market in Peterchurch.
Sunday 9 February 2014: Skenfrith. Leader: Steve Edwards. Seven of us set out by car to visit the village of Skenfrith in Monmouthshire. Despite one of the wettest winters on record, the rain mostly held off and we were able to see the medieval church with its beautiful carvings and the 15th century cope. We then moved on to the adjacent castle ruins, also dating from the 13th century, alongside the river Monnow in full spate. Click here for pictures on Flickr.
Sunday 9 March 2014: Snodhill Castle & environs. Leaders: Gillian Broadhead & Adrian Holt. Pictures on our Flickr site
Sunday 13 April 2014: Timberline woods. Leader Robert Wilding. Pictures on our Flickr site.
Sunday 11 May 2014: Sugar Loaf. Leader Alan Picton. Click here to see a short report with a link to picture.
Sunday 8 June 2014: Dorstone Castle, St Faith's Church and environs. Leader Gill Broadhurst. 
Sunday 13 July 2014: A walk in the Hay area. Leaders Les & Julia Dargue.
Sunday 10 August 2014: Riverside walk from Bredwardine to Monnington on Wye. Leader Gill Broadhead.